Together,Merging Experience
& Opportunity To Drive Valuable Outcomes

Our Firm

For nearly three decades, Calvert Street Investment Partners has been building and growing companies in the lower middle market. Founded on the principles of integrity, accountability, and collaboration, the firm has consistently evolved yet remains focused on driving exceptional family/owner operated businesses to their potential and generating results for our investors.

Our deep business acumen and experience throughout a company’s capital structure, allows us to continually seek value opportunities for our portfolio companies and our investors. We stand for collaboration, commitment, and constant learning, and these values drive our success.

Our goal is not just to allocate capital, but to partner with management teams to build great companies and empower them towards realizing their full potential.


Calvert Street Investment Partners is focused on being a leading private equity and credit firm for the lower middle market.

We believe the lower middle market continues to provide an opportunity for better returns to investors relative to other sectors within the private equity asset class.


Decades of Experience, Driving Value in the Private Markets

Our long-term view encourages a culture of collaboration and success through a reliable, capable and trustworthy team

Over $1
Billion Invested

Our firm has invested over $1 Billion through two distinct investment strategies:
  • Over $600 Million of capital in Equity Buyout Investments
  • Over $500 Million of capital in Mezzanine and Minority Equity Investments

135+ Lower
Middle-Market Companies

Our target market has remained consistent for nearly three decades having invested in over 135 lower middle-market companies:
  • 65+ companies via our Equity Buyout Investment Strategy
  • 70+ companies via our Mezzanine Investment Strategy

~30 Years of Lower
Middle-Market Investing

We have been active participants in the lower middle market for nearly 30 years providing the firm with:
  • Deep experience investing through various market cycles
  • Strong relationships at all levels of the capital structure

Over 20

We are one firm with two dedicated investment teams providing solutions to lower middle-market companies allowing us to:
  • Collaborate on industry and market trends
  • Make better investment decisions on behalf of our constituencies


Calvert Street actively manages investment opportunities in the lower middle market through two complementary investment strategies: